A Sleep Story


This CD has a combination of breathing techniques used in meditation, visualisations and loving affirmations woven through a happy and positive story that takes us on a magical journey up to the clouds. Up in the clouds we meet some lovely little fairies that blow golden mist kisses which come in the form of star mist. It’s a magical golden mist filled with love and when you breathe it in, it will make you happy, healthy and strong. You can even keep some in your pocket for when ever you need it. A supportive tool to encourage deep sleep and for when our children need reassurance or just want to go on a wonderful magical journey. This CD will assist you with your child’s pre-bed time routine. For ages 3 to 9ish.


Listen to a sample:



Hi Tottie
I bought your sleep cd for children from you last year at one of the
lifestyle shows here in Brisbane. My daughter Alexandra had a long
history of sleep problems and this was really my last resort. It has
worked beautifully, thank you. It has made such a difference to Alex who
is eight. Each night she asks for ‘Tottie’ and you have, as you
promised, become her special sleep friend, so much so we even take it
away on holidays with us. She would love to hear from you as she
considers you now, a very special friend who has entered her life.
Keep up the good work.
Tracey Sanders. Brisbane.