Unwind Your Mind

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If you were told that you have an average of 60,000 separate thoughts a day and most of them are negative, would you want to change that? Do you remember what it is like to unwind and feel truly at ease? Do you have the tools to deal with stress in this busy world?

Learn to recognise your thoughts and take the time to slow them down and turn them around to make a happier you! On this CD, I have compiled some wonderful relaxation techniques to bring you a simple and productive way to help melt away anxiety, reduce physical tension, lessen your reaction in stressful situations, boost the immune system and generally find peace of mind. With these techniques we go to the silence. To a place where we can access our true selves by silencing the chatter of our mind. TRACKS included in the CD are Introduction, Breathing Exercises, Visualisation and Affirmations.