As someone that has meditated nearly every day of my life for 21 years, I now can’t imagine how I would cope with the stresses in life if I hadn’t found this wonderful tool. Meditation isn’t something that can be explained, it’s something that needs to be experienced. What I can say is, it has given me a ‘centre’ to work from and will always be something that I choose to help myself with.


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This CD has a combination of breathing techniques used in meditation, visualisations and loving affirmations woven through a happy and positive story that takes us on a magical journey up to the clouds. Click the Read More button to listen to a sample from the CD.

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Falling Asleep

I wrote this CD with renowned sleep scientist Chris Bunney combining my 12 years (at the time) of meditation experience with Chris’s scientifically proven and best-practice techniques for treating sleep disorders.
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If you were told that you have an average of 60,000 separate thoughts a day and most of them are negative, would you want to change that? Do you remember what it is like to unwind and feel truly at ease? Do you have the tools to deal with stress in this busy world?
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